Coach Emily


Emily is all about good vibes and will fill each and every class she coaches with tons of them! She’s always been a believer in positivity and doing good things for others. Her goal is to lift your spirit while encouraging you every step of the way. You will leave the studio feeling incredible about not only the workout but about yourself!


Coach Kate


Kate will Educate, Motivate, and Inspire you to exceed your limits. Her hands on approach will aid you on achieving the deepest, most efficient, and effective sweat sesh of your life- leaving your total body craving for more.


Coach Carrie


Channeling her passion for fitness and love for running, Carrie will inspire you to work harder than you ever thought was possible. With her intense routines and killer playlists, she will push you to break out of your comfort zone, empowering you to reach new levels of mental and physical strength.


Coach Heidi


Heidi will help you #chasetheburn and #embracetheshake with her positive energy and witty sense of humor every time you come to the studio! She makes it a point to learn everyone’s name, and will encourage and motivate you starting the minute you walk in the door. With her fun and outgoing personality, it will be easy to forget that you are getting the best (and hardest!) full body workout of your life.


Coach Julia


Julia means business. She will keep you on your toes and hold you accountable. She has a heart of Gold and is a Fireball- never know whats coming next from her. She will push you to drill down to your core and create the best version of yourself.


Coach Jenny


Jenny will challenge you to #EmbraceTheShake in each movement of every workout. Her uplifting and positive outlook will encourage you to reach your goals and strive for bigger ones. Her passion for fitness and competition, whether it be team or individual, will translate into each session, strengthening your whole mind and body.


Coach Nayfe


Nayfe is a our fun-size coach with a big personality! She will coach you through form and breath with an energy that is infectious. She will ask you to to say “Yes” to the process, think about the progress you’ve made, and push you to try new things! She is a firm believer that taking the time to take care of yourself allows you to be the best version of yourself for others too.

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